Best Places to Visit in Udaipur

By | March 2, 2016

Have you been to Venice? Great! Then you would know why millions of tourists in India and from all across the globe visit Udaipur. In case, you have never been to the European city, simply plan a tour to Udaipur and you know how it really feel like to be in such a pleasing atmosphere. No wonder Udaipur is widely renowned as the ‘Venice of the East’. Also referred to as the ‘The City of Lakes’, Udaipur is a stunning Rajasthani city in all aspects. It is blessed with a rich cultural background amalgamated impeccably with a great history. You would simply love to be at the magnanimous palaces here. These reflect the architectural wonder prevailed during the Rajput era. The scenic landscape will steal your heart forever!

Need to know more about this heavenly city? Here are top 6 places to visit in Udaipur. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these:

1. Lake Pichola
Lake Pichola Udaipur
Lake Pichola is one the most popular man-made lakes of Udaipur. You simply need to take a boat ride on the exquisite lake to enjoy the brand new perspective to the city. The boats depart from RameshwarGhat in the City Palace gardens. Pay 25 rupees to get inside the City Palace and enjoy. The picturesque man made wonder is circumscribed by magnanimous hills, grand palaces, beautiful temples and mesmerising bathing ghats. The major tourist attractions here are the islands. These promise to offer excellent treat to eyes. Don’t miss out on the beautiful sunset views. The palaces look breath-taking with the lights on.

2. FatehSagar
FatehSagar udaipur
Udaipur city is widely renowned as the Lake City or City of Lakes. Hence, your visit to the unique Udaipur is incomplete till you have had a complete view of stunning lakes. FatehSagar is one of the classic example for the same. It is famous among tourists and locals alike. Once here, you will want to be here again and again. This is the magic of FatehSagar. You can pass several hours sitting beside it. Watching the mesmerising beauty of the lake is one of the favourite past time of most tourists here. Don’t forget to visit the famous Mumbaiya Bazar here!

3. City Palace
City Palace udaipur
Once in Udaipur, you must visit the beautiful City Palace constructed way back in the year 1559 by MaharanaUdaiMirza Singh. Located conveniently on the banks of Pichola Lake, the palace is an exotic amalgam of European, Medieval and Chinese styles of architecture. Home to eleven magnanimous palaces constructed during different periods by various rulers, the palace is known for its gigantic size and awe inspiring terraces, courtyards, pavilions, hanging gardens and many more. Right from the amazing architecture to the antiques and the amazing paintings hanging on the walls, everything about the palace will mesmerise you.

4. Kumbhalgarh Fort
Kumbhalgarh Fort
Constructed by MaharanaKumbha in the 15th century, Kumbhalgarh Fort is definitely one of the specialties of Udaipur. It is famous as the birthplace of the warrior and King of Mewar, MaharanaPratap. The invincible fort is also ranked as the highest and strongest forts in Rajasthan state. No wonder it served as a challenge even to the greatest of kings. You will be stunned by the awe-inspiring sight of the fort protected by 13 Aravali mountain peaks. Kumbhalgarh Fort is the second longest wall in the world after The Great Wall of China.

5. Bagore Ki Haveli
Bagore Ki Haveli
If you wish to witness the architectural splendor of Rajput era, simply visit Bagore Ki Haveli in Udaipur. Built in the late 18th century by the Prime Minister of Mewar, this exquisite place is located on the edge of Lake Pichola (besides GangaurGhat). It took 5 long five years of painstaking restoration work for the Haveli to be converted into a museum. You would enjoy wandering through the place. It promises a fascinating look into the grandeur and larger than life lifestyle of the royal family of Rajasthan. There are over one hundred rooms, beautiful courtyards and terraces in Bagoreki Haveli. The stunning frescoes and fine mirror work inside will take your breath away. The place is great to get the taste of royal paintings, ancient costumes of the royal kings, personal items, and traditional Rajasthani arts and crafts. You can also visit a puppet gallery. The turban collection here has the world’s biggest turban on display. The Haveli is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tourists can enjoy the folk dance performance and puppet show held here from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. everyday.

6. SajjanGarh
SajjanGarh udaipur
Also known as the Monsoon Palace, the SajjanGarh is a hilltop extravagant spot to visit in Udaipur. Overlooking the great Pichhola Lake, it was named after MaharanaSajjan of the Mewar Dynasty. SajjanGarh was built in the year 1884 and makes for a fabulous option for all nature and wild life lovers. It ensures a panoramic view of lakes surrounding city. Presently, the place is under control of the Forest Department and open for public since past few years. Tourists can enjoy a magnificent view of Sun Set here (this is what SajjanGarh is famous for!). The area has also been developed as a wild life sanctuary. Tourists can usually have a wonderful view of wild animals such as panther.

It isn’t easy to describe unprecedented beauty of Udaipur in a few paragraphs. There are many more palaces and tourist places in Udaipur to visit. All of these would enthral you with their mystical beauty. Once here, you can spend time paying visits to famous temples and wildlife sanctuary here. This amazing city of India is quite similar to any European city – very romantic, ancient, grand and enthralling! Bon Voyage!

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