7 Best Hill Stations near Delhi

By | April 3, 2016

Every human being dreams of spending days in snow-covered peaks, lush green forests, clean air, noiseless roads and fresh stream of water. Such a scenic beauty is hardly being seen in the hustle-bustle life of city where every next person is rushing. To take a break from normal hectic life, visiting hill stations is the finest option. Exploring a hill station not only rejuvenates your mind but also brings you closer to the Mother Nature.
The aura of the hill stations is such that they impinge deep in your blood stream and purifies the entire soul. Besides the calmness and tranquility, they can be the ideal vacation spot for the people who love adventures. There are various hill stations that offer adventure activities like trekking, river rafting, Paragliding, bungee jumping, river crossing, mountain climbing and others. These activities take place under the supervision of the adventure crew that takes care of everything and ensures your complete safety.
However, it sometimes becomes tough to locate some ideal hill stations where you can spend time with your family and friends. Thus, this piece of article discusses some of the most popular hill stations that are situated near Delhi and are worth visiting at least once. Go through to acquire more details about it and you can anytime do your own research to know more.

Best hill stations near Delhi


1. Kangojodi

It is the time to feel the freshness oflush green pine forests and experience the unique species of flora & fauna. Kangojodi, an amazing place situated in the Sirmour District is the perfect hill station one can think of. Untouched by dust, pollution and noise, Kangojodi can be the ideal place for anyone seeking calmness and solitude. One can spend few days in the campsite enjoying the nature and greenery.

Prashar lake

2. Prashar lake/Mandi

Mandi is a place that many people are not aware of. It is a very calm town situated en roué to Manali from Delhi. The place is completely non-commercial and is enriched with greenery and tranquility. This particular area of Himachal can be the perfect vacation spot for your family & friends and can offer you a peace of mind. Further, you can take a bus from Mandi to Bagi to visit the Prashar Lake. It is sure that all your worries will melt away in those soothing waves of the lake.


3. Chindi

Located in the Solan district, Chindi can be the best place to explore. For the ones who have always been looking for a place to rejuvenate and spend time with their own souls, nothing can be better than Chindi. Just carry a notebook, camera and your backpack! Trek into the nearest village in Chindi and spend days there. The journey will surely be spiritually exhilarating for you.

Tirthan Valley

4. Tirthan Valley

It can be the best resort if you are planning to go out for 4-5 days. Tirthan Valley is the most breathtaking place in the Himachal and is around 500 kilometers away from Delhi. Ifyou have never tried spending time in the homestays that are anytime better than those 5 star hotels, pay a visit here. To avail the best options available, you can do a little research on the internet. In the months of December, the temperature sometimes falls below 0 degrees. For the ones who love indulging in fun activities, trout fishing can be great.


5. Mussoorie

It is known as the ‘Queen of hills’ and is situated in the northern part of India. The pleasant, romantic and delightful climate of this hill station is best known. The major attractions of Mussoorie include the mall road, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and various other heritage buildings. From Delhi, it is about 270 kilometers away and the best time to visit is September to November and March to June. You can experience different activities such as ropeway rides, bird watching, waterfall tours, nature walks and many others.


6. Sattal

Nestled in the state of Uttarakhand, Sattalis known for its seven lakes. The picturesque water bodies and dense green forests of this hill station are simply breathtaking. In a fine weather, you can experience the thrill of trekking and rappelling. Not to forget, fishing can be a great option with those Rohu and carp fishes in the lake. It is around 283 kilometers away from Delhi. You can either take your own car or take a bus. Make sure that you visit Sattal from Mrach to June and September to December, as this is the best time to visit there.


7. Naukuchiatal

Located 313 kilometers away from Delhi, this hill station is considered as the lake of nine edges. The lake is worth enjoying boating and taking walks in the early morning. Fishing lovers can spend hours doing that and breathing in the fresh air of surroundings. To make your visit worthwhile, you can stay in the luxurious resorts situated there. The place is best for the shopping and sightseeing purposes. The adventurous souls can try short trekking and mountain climbing too.


8. Mukteshwar

To make it a little holy vacation, visit here. This hill station has a temple of Lord Shiva, which is 350 years old. It possess orchards of apples, apricots and much greenery that looks superbly amazing. You can try your hands at rappelling, mountain climbing and go for a forest walk. It is around 342 kilometers away from Delhi and can be visited in any month of the year.Mukteshwar is all about divinity and purity.

Thus, the next time when you get bored of your regular monotonous life and wish to rejuvenate yourself, think of a hill station. The previously mentioned hill stations are just few out of many. You can explore more to find out a place that is not much visited by others and enjoy paying a visit there. With the approaching vacations, just plan a journey, book your tickets or keep your car ready to have a never felt experience of the most amazing hill station. Happy Journey!

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